At Liberty Baptist Church we believe that the purpose for Sunday School Connection Groups

is to edify and equip the saints through fellowship, teaching and service together.


0-3 Years old
Teacher – Sarah Cummings
Through play, stories, and meaningful interaction with the teacher and other children your child will begin to build a foundation which will lead to developing a deeper faith, making wiser choices and building stronger relationships.

Main Building – H

J.A.M. – Jesus and Me

4 – 6 years old
Teacher – Whitney Callahan
By exploring the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, engaging children with thought provoking conversations, and empowering families to have those same conversations at home, they will be able to build upon their foundation of faith and begin to understand God’s plan for their lives.

Main Building – J

God’s Cool Kids

1st – 2nd grades
Teachers – Toby and Stephanie Center
Through teacher led small group discussions, skits, and hands on activities, kids continue their journey to accepting and understanding God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ as they search for Jesus from Genesis all the way through the gospels of the New Testament.

Main Building – M

Treasure Seekers

3rd and 4th grades
Teacher – Esther Smith
By utilizing curriculum such as ‘Creation to Christ’ Bible study and activities such as Bible drills, games, discussions, and real-life applications, we dig deeper into the treasure of God’s Word to increase each child’s understanding of God’s eternal plan for them and the importance of accepting and obeying all that God has graciously offered and commanded.

Main Building – L

Upper Elementary

5th and 6th grades
Teachers – Joey Glenn and Brian Robinette
Through a combination of interactive readings, discussions and teacher led instructions students are challenged to consider their personal relationship with the Lord with studies such as ‘The Life of Daniel’, ’20 Questions Kids Ask About God’ and ‘Paul’s Life and Ministry’.

Life Center – S


7th – 12th grades
Teachers – Howie and Stacie Lederfind
By providing an atmosphere conductive for building relationships, taking steps of faith, and asking “hard” questions, teenagers are led to establish their own faith by considering such studies as ‘Worldviews in focus’ (apologetics), ‘Experiencing God’ and other topics that are relevant to their growth.

Life Center – YC

(Next to Choir Room)

College and Career

Young Adult
Teachers – Brad Rudolph
This class offers an in-depth Bible study for young adults.  Class lessons range from expository teaching to focused lesson topics.  The class is instructor led but encourages collaborative discussion and participation.  The goal is to provide a strong biblical foundation, loving fellowship and encouragement through this transitionary stage of life.

Life Center – CC

Ladies of Grace

Adult Ladies
Teacher – Shanon Bower
It is God’s grace that sets us free and enables us to live a righteous and victorious life free from sin. This class is made up of ladies from all different walks of life.  Our desire is to encourage one another through the study and application of Scripture and to deepen our relationships with other women for the purpose of fellowship and accountability.

Life Center – Y

Growing in Grace

Teacher – Mike Davis
This class has a threefold goal.  The first is to equip the individual members by teaching them the principles of Bible study and to lead them through studies such as the prayers of Paul, Romans 12 and ‘The Christ Life”.  The second and third goals are to encourage and edify the members through fellowship, accountability, and prayer.  To help encourage fellowship and interaction the class sits around tables and are frequently challenged to ask questions, discuss answers and share experiences.

Main Building – N

J.O.Y.  Jesus-Others-You

Teachers – Steve Smith and Donald Owens
The ‘JOY’ adult Sunday School class is a group of believers from all walks and stages of life, seeking to follow Jesus together as we study God’s Word interactively and celebrating the work the Lord is doing in and through us.  Come find His Joy!

Life Center – X

F.A.I.T.H. – Forsaking All, I’m Trusting Him

Teacher: Max Doggett
Our class is a structured environment where people are encouraged to interact with Scripture and each other.  Our ambition is to build and strengthen relationships, improve Bible knowledge and assist with spiritual growth while making the fullness of God’s Word a reality in every believer’s life.

Life Center – AB

The Melting Pot

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Teacher: Jacob Conley
The ‘Melting Pot’ as the name implies, is a class where everyone is welcome regardless of age or background.  Our main goal is to encourage one another in our walk with Christ encouraging each other to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us.  We want to represent Him with not only our words but our actions as well

Life Center – U


B.A.S.I.C.  – Brothers and

Sisters in Christ

Brandon Waters &
Luis Hernandez
This class is made up of people from different stages in life and various backgrounds.  The teachers rotate on a regular basis and lead the group in such studies as “The Fruit of the Spirit”, “Bitterness” and expositional studies of individual books of the Bible.  Although the class is teacher led, discussion is welcomed and encouraged.

Main Building – O

Wisdom Heirs

Teacher: Carol Ramsey
The ‘Wisdom Heirs’ class is made up mostly of the older generation in our church, but any and all are welcome to join us.  Our purpose is to bring glory to God as we learn His ways through studying the Old and New Testaments and put into our lives the things He has taught us. We wish to become molded more into His image as we live out our lives as a testimony of His faithfulness to us day by day.

Main Building – A